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School: St. Bernard Middle School - St. Bernard, LA

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Welcome families of:
St. Bernard Middle School
St. Bernard, LA

A Preview of the Gifts in your School’s Holiday Shop

  Welcome! You and your child are invited to preview the gifts available for purchase at our in-school holiday gift shop.

Your child can view the gifts offered for Mom, Dad and family members, then create his own Wish List for our shop. The Wish List can be printed and brought to school. Or, your child can hand write the items on the Gift Planner Envelope. Please remember to send money in the envelope provided and indicate if the child can spend money on himself, too.

The Wish List is intended as a shopping guide in our school shop. Parent volunteers will work with your child to select these gifts. But if an item is temporarily out, your child will be shown a substitute. We encourage you to let your child make the final gift decision as this is the magic of the holiday shop for children.

Thank you for supporting our school’s holiday gift shop.